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What Are You Wearing?!

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[Sam McKenzie]

The first step in moving towards removing modern slavery is recognition.

So… what are you wearing? Like, what brand? This is a popularity contest after all. Not really. Imagine you have this 30 Million to None article in front of you with the table below:

Clothing type BrandGrade

What you are going to do is list the types of clothes that you are wearing and the brand that they are. Once you’ve filled out the table with all clothes and the brands that they are, you’re going to click on the link below and find out where the brands of your clothes rank on the Ethical Fashion Guide that was recently put out by Baptist World Aid Australia:

The sixth edition of the Ethical Fashion Guide bases the rank of a particular brand on the following categories:

  • Slavery;
  • Child Labour;
  • Exploitation;
  • Transparency; and
  • Environmental degradation in supply chains.

How did you rank? If you completed the table and the results are that most of your clothes fit in the grades that you aren’t proud of, then it might be time to use the Ethical Fashion Guide. As Baptist World Aid Australia aptly put, you can “Take it with you when you shop and buy your clothes from the companies doing more to protect their workers. Vote with your wallet and encourage more companies to end exploitation in their supply chains.”

If you think about how many different clothes you wear each week, it becomes apparent the impact that you can have modern slavery on an individual level. The first step in moving towards removing modern slavery is recognition. Recognition is that you are having an impact and that you can make this impact a positive one. Is fashion wearing the most popular brand of clothing? Or is fashion that you are helping reduce modern slavery in society by purchasing ethical brands next time you go shopping? I know what my conscience and morals tell me.

At 30 Million to None we know that it isn’t feasible to go straight to your wardrobe and throw it in the rubbish. However, we are all on a journey, together. A journey towards a society that wants to see the abolition of modern slavery and this is just one of the many ways that we can achieve it. So start a conversation with your friends next time you’re out for dinner and somebody gets a compliment on a new jacket or when somebody suggests a shopping spree. You have the power to start the conversation about modern slavery and reducing its rippling effects through society.

Triple J’s Ange McCormack has also recently covered the topic of the Ethical Fashion Report and Baptist World Aid Australia. If you’re interested in what she had to say, follow this link:

30 Million to None has other articles on the fashion industry and its relationship with the fashion industry. If this article resonates with you head to our website where you’ll find other articles on this topic.

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