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Cait and Brayd sit down for a chat about about our biggest month yet in the March edition of Sound Check.


Window Shopping: Stories of Women Sold at The Markets of Oman

[Martyna Żuchowska] Many girls are sold for as little as what’s equivalent to 14 USD. When I’m travelling, I love exploring the local markets that cities have to offer. By shopping at these types of places you can acquire an understanding about the culture of the city, region or even country. I find this to […]

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How The Yemen War is Creating Slavery

children are being recruited by certain rebel groups, to engage in armed conflict [Martyna Żuchowska] Yemen is currently facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Millions of people are on the brink of starvation because all the country’s supply channels have been blocked off. Most citizens don’t have access to fresh water and are malnourished. This […]

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Sound Check: April 2018

Cait rides solo in this week’s Sound Check to discuss Australian Anti-Slavery laws, the rising rate of trafficking in Nepal, and the allegations of a celebrity involved in slavery. Make Noise.

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