Sound Check: June 2018

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Cait is back on the mic for this month’s Sound Check!

This month’s Sound Check includes NSW modern slavery laws, nail salons and the slavery industry, and Archbishop Ivan Jurkovic speaking out on human trafficking.

Make Noise.


Donald Trumps Traffick: US President Neglects The Vulnerable

[Martyna Żuchowska] In many instances when a person is kidnapped in a vulnerable place…they are likely to be exploited and forced into some form of slavery. Tracking the United States Presidential election in 2016 was an interesting ordeal for global citizens and it became even more painful to watch after Donald Trump was elected for […]

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Sound Check: November 2017

[Caitlyn Sharp] Welcome to November Sound Check, let’s take a look at what’s been happening in terms of Modern Slavery this month. Nine Polish Nationals appear in court with modern slavery offensives. Six men and three women have been investigated with human trafficking charges after claims they have exploited over 80 people. The accused have […]

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