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This week, Cait and Brayd sit down to talk about Yemen and cosmetics, as well as chipping in on the change the date argument.



What We Don’t See: The Reality of Modern Slavery

[Sam McKenzie] It’s quite a normal experience to watch a movie where a rich family has a domestic worker, such as nanny or au paire, who looks after the children while the parents are away working. They cook, clean and carry out the stereotypical functions that one expects of a parent. Sometimes it is portrayed […]

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Country Profile: Turkmenistan

[Martyna Żuchowska] Human Rights Watch has stated that the country’s government is one of the most repressive in the world When we talk about a country being disconnected from the rest of the world, it’s citizens being repressed and their rights and freedoms being extremely limited, the country that comes to mind is usually North Korea. […]

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Supply Chain 101: The Truth Behind Your $100 Pants

[Martyna Żuchowska] The purpose of this week’s article is to shine a light on what exactly a clothing supply chain is and how it is a detrimental aspect of modern slavery. Next time you are out shopping and decide on a shirt to buy from a big brand clothing store, take a moment to ask yourself […]

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