Second Steps

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When we first created 30 Million to None, the goal was to become a place where friends, family and the occasional unknown user could come to and learn about modern slavery. From here, you could take steps to alter your everyday life to combat modern slavery; whether that meant shopping differently, donating to charities or by simply raising the issue from time to time.

Achieving this was something we were prepared to work long and hard for, and we expected to meet several barriers…but these barriers never came.

We gathered momentum much quicker than expected and thanks to those that supported us, we have now become what we set out to be.

Of course, we are thrilled we achieved our goal in such a short time; but this left us with an unavoidable question: What now?

Could we continue posting a blog every two weeks, stay the same size and be content with what we had achieved so far?

No chance.


“If you fail to grow and evolve you will fall behind.”


In any industry, if you fail to grow and evolve you will fall behind.

With that said and realised, we have been working hard the last few months to do one thing: Make MORE Noise.

So today we are going to run through what you can expect from us in the next few months and what it will mean for you, the user.

Our two main goals remain the same: Raising awareness and educating people. Here is  how we’ll be doing that in the next few months:


As of August 1st, we will be launching our new website.

The website will be more mobile friendly than the current website and will allow for greater social interaction.

More importantly though is that the new website will be more exciting than the current site. Our current site doesn’t change too much and users don’t have a lot of incentive to come check us out from week to week.

In contrast, the new website will update regularly, providing new content to our users. This means more noise, more often.

To help deliver this noise, we’ve done some recruiting and now have a team of writers that will provide new content every week. The key factor we were looking for was passion and we couldn’t be more stoked with the writers we have recruited. We’re very much looking forward to what they produce in the future. We’ll be introducing them week by week in August, along with their debut pieces.

With this new team of writers making noise, we’ve been able to expand the scope of our education efforts, as we will now discuss.


It has been pretty easy to post on social media a few times a week and raise awareness on modern slavery. We’ve had friends and family talk to us about the issue and we’ve been able to pass them onto other sources with ease.

We never really envisioned becoming more than this, but we’ve been given the opportunity to do just that and would be silly to not do so.

As a result, we’ve been in talks with educational institutions to give presentations and conduct competitions that would promote the education of modern slavery. This is something that we are extremely excited to conduct as it gives us an opportunity to discuss the issue with the youth of today: the people who will be influential in future change.

In addition to this, our educational portion of the website will be getting a rework, with the overall goal being to make the information more accessible and digestible.

With all of this in the works, we are naturally excited for the future.

We were incepted in a Nepali hostel, born in an Italian bed and breakfast and who knows where we will be this time next year?

All we know is that we will do our absolute best to Make Noise about modern slavery from our first day until the day we are no longer needed and that we couldn’t thank you more for joining us in this endeavour.

Until then…

Make Noise.



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