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Make Noise Nepal 2018

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30 Million to None is proud to announce that we will be undertaking our first fund raising effort: Make Noise Nepal.

Make Noise Nepal is a joint venture between 30 Million to None and record setting adventurer, Tom Dunn. Tom has raised over $96,000 for charities through his endeavours, which include kayaking the Murray River and rowing 3,800km on a stand-up paddle board.

We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with Tom and you can learn more about him and his work here.

For Make Noise Nepal, Tom will be travelling to Nepal to undertake the Everest Base Camp Trek. Starting in the Nepali municipality of Jiri, the trek will take about 32 days and reach a max altitude of 5545 metres. It takes a great level of fitness, determination and courage to make the trek that we have selected

Accompanying Tom will be some extraordinary guides whose courage exceeds even those who have scaled Everest: they are human trafficking survivors.

These girls represent the non-government organisation, SASANE – who will be the recipient of all funds raised. SASANE is a survivor led organisation that teaches human trafficking survivors to become paralegals, which allows them to become access points to justice for other human trafficking victims. The paralegal program has resulted in over 3000 complaints being made and almost 400 court cases being carried out.

You can learn more about SASANE and their work here.

Our founder, Brayden, has volunteered for SASANE in the past and can’t speak highly enough of them:

“I couldn’t think of a better organisation to raise funds for. The work that SASANE does is nothing short of incredible, they are one of the NGOs operating in the world today that is making a real difference to the people they connect and work with.

The paralegal program is one of the best innovations I’ve seen and it was a pleasure to be involved with it. It’s proven to work: the girls have been involved in hundreds of court cases and they now provide support and hope for human trafficking survivors – things that weren’t there before SASANE’s paralegal program.

It’s one thing to watch the program work, but watching these girls become skilled, confident leaders within their communities is why anyone gets involved with volunteering, charities or anything like that. Once you give these people an opportunity they definitely make the most of it, and it’s as simple as giving them that opportunity.

I’m incredibly excited for the future of SASANE and Nepal as a whole. Watching a country that has gone through so much in recent years respond and redevelop the way it has is heart-warming and all credit goes to the citizens. It’s a privilege for us at 30 Million to None to be able to help out and I can’t wait to see people get behind the cause.”

How to Donate

We are now accepting donations through our GoFundMe and we are aiming to raise a total of $17,600 to represent the highest altitude that Tom will reach during this challenge. 

Every dollar counts in fundraisers such as this. For as little as $10 AUD, you can pay for the training of a human trafficking survivor to become a paralegal in their community. 

The Issue

Nepal is one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking.

Nepali girls are considered to be more attractive than other nationalities in South East Asia and are in high demand from surrounding countries. The trafficking of girls from Nepal to India is one of the busiest trafficking routes in the world, with an estimated 8,000 girls and young women trafficked to India each year.

The girls are often forced to work in the horrific red light districts of India and it is estimated that there are 200,000 young women serving in these districts.

The Nepali and Indian governments are not doing enough to extradite and prosecute human traffickers, so much of the work is being carried out by NGOs. Nepal even includes the right to not be trafficked in their constitution and allows for compensation to be paid to those who are trafficked. However, to this date no one has received any compensation.

With the governments unable or unwilling to help out, the work of NGOs such as SASANE is paramount. Not only do they provide justice for these young girls, they also enable them to become strong leaders within their communities.


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