How To Make Noise Modern Slavery

Good on You!

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Do good. Look Good. Feel good

Do you remember the article I recently wrote about the 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide that was released by Baptist World Aid Australia? The 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide accompanied the 2019 Ethical Fashion Report to help you make you make every day, ethical purchasing decision when you shop and buy your clothes. We asked that if the article resonated with you, to go and read other 30 Million to None articles on ethical fashion. Great news! We’ve found another absolute gem on ethical fashion… but this one goes a little further.

The organisation is called good on you and they are a group comprised of “campaigners, fashion professional, scientists, writers and developers” who have come together to drive change in the global fashion industry. With the inspiring motto “Do good. Look good. Feel good”, good on you aims to make you realise that you have the power to choose. “Choosing and rewarding responsible fashion brands that do good, over the ones that don’t, can drive the whole industry to become more sustainable and fair”.

At 30 Million to None, we are all too familiar with the effects and products of modern slavery in the fashion industry. Today though, we don’t want to focus on this. We want to draw your attention to the great work that good on you is doing to reduce modern slavery by being proactive in promoting and rewarding ethical fashion brands.

One of the means by which good on you is being proactive, is through the development of a fantastic app. The good on you app rates hundreds of brands based on adherence to ethical production standards. Simply enter the brand you wish to know about and the app will provide a rating out of 5 stars and the reason why that particular brand has that rating. Take the popular brand Adidas for example: 4/5 stars and is a rated as a good brand.  Good on you’s provides a briefexplanation, that “Adidas has set some good environmental and labour standards”. However, what we love about good on you, is that further information is available if you want a deeper explanation of how Adidas sets good environmental and labour standards. GOOD ON YOU!!

Also, did we mention that good on you is also the world’s leading source for fashion brand ratings?

30 Million to None aims to raise awareness of modern slavery and educate others on the issue, whilst also pointing them in the direction of organisations making a difference in combating slavery. Good on you is an organisation that is making a difference. So download their app, check out the ethical rating of clothes you are currently wearing and see where you rate. Most importantly, tell your friends and family about the good on you app. The greater number of people aware of the ethical implications in the fashion industry, the greater number of people who are empowered to choose if they want to “Do good. Look Good. Feel good.”.

*Good on you app is available in app stores.

Make Noise


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