First Steps

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Welcome to the blog portion of 30 Million to None!

The purpose of this post is to outline what you can expect from 30 Million to None’s blog and what we hope to achieve in the future.

Our goal is simple: Make Noise. The best way to influence change is to make it an issue to as many people as possible and have them talk about it with their families and friends. When the people talk, governments listen. We have seen this recently with the feminist movement and the GLBTQ movement, which have both resulted in significant change: women in Western society are treated as equal to men as they ever have and 22 countries now allow gay marriage.

Now, those trapped in slavery need their governments to listen. Governments have the power to enforce change and there are currently many governments who are failing their people by refusing to do so. Of the world’s 30 million slaves, 14 million of these are in India. The Indian government are, for the most part, abiding by international requirements in regards to their legal framework in combating slavery. Their law may be satisfactory, but their law enforcement is not. We will discuss the shortcomings of India in a future blog, but for current purposes it should be known that our goal for the next year is to shine the spotlight on India and have people make noise about how India is not only failing its own people, but the international community as well.

The independence of 30 Million to None allows us to maintain our own views without outside influence. Because of this, the sites that we recommend are sites we truly believe are having a positive impact on abolishing slavery. If you believe that we have forgotten a site or that one of the sites we have listed is not appropriate, please do voice your concern. We want as much discussion on this page as possible and are always looking for good organisations to feature.

Because we do want maximum discussion, we have included a comment section for our readers to have their say in. We will do our best to address each comment in the following blog and answer any questions you may have, as well as entertaining alternative points of view. Let’s keep the discussion clean and relevant; this isn’t YouTube.

In terms of blogging frequency, we are hoping to have a new blog posted every 2-3 weeks, potentially sooner if a there is a major development. For more frequent content, please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thank you for taking the time to invest in this blog and the website; it is exciting to take our first steps with your support. We hope that this inspires some conversation in your home and we look forward to discussing slavery and all its issues with you in the future.

Make noise.

30 Million to None.


Second Steps

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Join the 30Mil Team!

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