An Update on Offshore Detention

[Gabby Sullivan] Suicide attempts and mental health problems are wide spread for those who have been separated from family members for years and see no future for themselves Behrouz Boochani is a name that has recently come to light with the Kurdish-Iranian author winning a profound Australian literary award, despite not being allowed into the […]

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Cosmetics VS Child Labour

In the past decade western media exposing the extent of child labour across India has seen some companies take positive action. [Gabby Sullivan] In 2018 people’s awareness of the exploitative nature of fast fashion increased and consumers are making conscious choices to not support the unethical manufacturers. Hopefully this new year we see consumer mindfulness […]

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Mediterranean Traffick: Another Refugee Challenge

[Brayden Sharp] As a result of the wars in the Middle-East and the conflicts in Africa, Europe has seen an influx of refugees in recent years. At the centre of this influx has been the Mediterranean country of Italy, who accepted 212,100 refugees in 2016 and 119,310 in 2017. Despite recent controversies from Italy’s new […]

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