Be a Volunteer, Not a Voluntourist

[Brayden Sharp] We can’t hide behind the excuse of voluntourism to avoid helping others out. Back in June, Martyna wrote about the phenomenon of voluntourism and how it was doing more harm than good in the world of human trafficking. The practice involves orphanages in developing countries removing children from their families in order to […]

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Join the 30Mil Team!

We need more hands on deck! 30 Million to None is searching for some dedicated volunteers to help us further our goal of raising awareness and educating people on modern slavery. We are looking for writers and event organisers for future projects. These roles would be perfect for university or college students looking to gain experience in their respective […]

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[Tom Dunn] Imagine doing something fun… Imagine doing something that you think is beyond your capabilities, but you decide to try it anyway to test yourself. Imagine you make this ‘challenge’ your goal, and you work around the clock to try and achieve it. You train or practice in every spare moment you have, you memorise facts and calculate data, all in […]

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2017: The Year We Were Born

[Brayden Sharp] One of my past employers always noted how important it was to connect with people on more than just a consumable level; stressing the importance of treating people like people and being an actual person yourself. It is something we manage to forget to do so easily as soon as we enter the […]

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Second Steps

When we first created 30 Million to None, the goal was to become a place where friends, family and the occasional unknown user could come to and learn about modern slavery. From here, you could take steps to alter your everyday life to combat modern slavery; whether that meant shopping differently, donating to charities or […]

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First Steps

Welcome to the blog portion of 30 Million to None! The purpose of this post is to outline what you can expect from 30 Million to None’s blog and what we hope to achieve in the future. Our goal is simple: Make Noise. The best way to influence change is to make it an issue […]

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