Child Marriage

Wed-locked: Unethical Marriages

[Gabby Sullivan] 21% of girls globally will be married before they turn 18 To many in the western world, marriage is regarded as a happy union between two people in love, yet this positive sentiment is not universal. To many young girls, marriage brings fears of lost freedom, education, violence and forced child bearing. The […]

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The Nagle Student Series – Part Four: Brodi Duncan

[Brodi Duncan] Forced marriage is defined as any formal marriage or informal union where one or both of the parties are under the age of 18. Although this is the definition, there is so much more to the issue. If the child has not given genuine consent, it is a forced marriage. If the child […]

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The Nagle Student Series – Part Two: Abbey Alvin

[Abbey Alvin] Forced marriage is also known as child marriage. It is said to be when two unions under the age of 18 are forced to unite. This is usually set up from a young age in many cultures and is seen as a norm. Although this is the start of many people being born […]

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The Nagle Student Series – Part One: Madi McCarrey

[Madi McCarrey] Child and Forced marriage is when one or both parties are under 18 years of age. Child marriage and forced marriage can and often will lead to child labour. When a child has not given their full consent or is forced to marry an older men or women against his or hers will […]

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