30 Million to None

Our Vision

The absolute abolition of slavery in all forms.

Our Mission

To raise awareness of modern slavery and educate others on the issue, while also pointing them in the direction of organisations making a difference in combating slavery.


The idea of 30 Million to None was conceived during the time Brayden spent volunteering in Nepal in the fight against Human Trafficking.
Once faced with the reality of the situation, it was impossible to not make noise about it, because it seemed like very few people were. To deprive someone of their freedom and subject them to horrors is the single worse thing anyone could do, and it is difficult to comprehend how the practice exists in modern society.
The current aim of 30 Million to None is not to make money, it is to make noise. Our independence allows us to suggest sources of information and NGOs that we believe are actually making progress in the fight to abolish slavery.

The Band

Brayden Sharp, Founder

Brayden is the founder of 30 Million to None, as well as one of our writers. He is a practising lawyer and holds a Master’s in Public International Law, a Bachelor’s in Law, and a Bachelor’s in Criminology. Brayden loves making music (as well as noise) and the Richmond Football Club.

Caitlyn Sharp, Social Media Manager

Cait is the megaphone of 30 Million to None: She is responsible for getting our noise out to the people. She does this through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, School Presentations and however else she can – while also working for her local newspaper. Cait loves films, music and her animals (including her boyfriend, Jude).

Martyna Żuchowska, Writer

Martyna is a media and communications student who has a passion for feminism and creating justice for people who need it most in the world. She loves to travel and experiencing new things, as well as watching films and playing with her puppy, Meeko.Sam McKenzie, Public Relations

Sam McKenzie, Public Relations

Sam is a Law & Criminology graduate with a strong passion for justice, equality and learning. Always up for a laugh, you’ll often find him in the backstreets of Melbourne searching for the best coffee!

Rebeccah Churchward, Events

Rebeccah is a third year Media and Communications student and a a social media and communications specialist with four years’ industry experience. Bec pretty much knows it all when it comes to PR, non-for-profits and client management and is more than happy to talk to you about it over a lactose free coffee and gluten free muffin.

Gabby Sullivan, Writer

Gabby is in her final year of an international relations degree with a particular interests in women’s oppression and inequality. She enjoys playing netball and attending concerts with her mates.

30 Million to None would like to thank Nick Sharp for being instrumental in the construction of 30milliontonone.com, it would not exist without his efforts.
Credit to Htoo Wai Htet for the photo of Brayden.