Modern Slavery

A Population of Slaves

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[Martyna Żuchowska]

Life in North Korea has been described as a slave society, by people who have actually managed to escape the country. North Korea has the most slaves in the world per capita and they make up 4.4% of their entire population. North Korean’s are stuck in an oppressed communist lifestyle which only benefits and serves the Kim family.

The country’s leader Kim Jong-un is widely viewed as a dictator who has committed countless acts against humanity. Jong-un is starving his own people by rationing food which makes majority of the population undernourished. Not only does the government send out labourers to be exploited in neighbouring countries like Russia and China, they also force people into political prisons and labour camps for the most petty and small crimes. Some punishable crimes are as small as practicing Christianity or saying something negative about the North Korean government. Not only will the perpetrator be sent to a labour camp but so will their entire family.

Not only will the perpetrator be sent to a labour camp but so will their entire family.

Along with sending innocent civilians as slave labour workers to foreign countries, the Kim regime takes the profits that are made by these workers and generates around $2.3 billion each year from their wages. The people who are chosen to work internationally, usually are married and/or have a family. This creates a hostage like situation where if the person were to escape, a punishment could be made on the worker’s loved ones back at home in North Korea. Many people do try and escape the country each year but even those who are successful in crossing the border into China, are usually then thrown into human trafficking and are sold to rich Chinese people as slave workers again.

North Korea is an extremely isolated country and does not work closely with any country in the world. It is extremely hard to pin point exact numbers and statistics because of the civilians’ lack of internet access and the fact that Kim Jong-Un is basically an oppressive dictator who would never disclose his crimes. In order for there to be change made from the outside, the international community needs to first off reject any forced labourers from North Korea. In the past several years many countries have been doing just that, but now it is time for every single country in the world to take a stance and reject these workers sent by the Kim Regime.

As for Kim Jong-un, him and his government need to be sent to the International Criminal Court for all their crimes against humanity. The international community including the United Nations have been pushing this notion for years now and it has to be taken seriously by everyone in order for it to happen. From the limited but shocking information we have about North Korean society and its people, I think it is safe to say that the population is living in a very oppressed society and that modern slavery is just a norm for the entire country. I hope that the rest of the world can take these atrocities seriously and work towards persecuting the Kim family.

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