What a Month in the United Kingdom

[Sam McKenzie] …the United Kingdom’s largest modern slavery ring has been broken If you’re an avid sports fan you’ll know that both Wimbledon and the Cricket World cup have recently wrapped up in emphatic fashion. Wimbledon saw the longest ever Men’s Final in its history and England held the cricket World Cup trophy aloft. Significant […]

Forced Labour Modern Slavery

What is Bonded Labour?

[Gabby Sullivan] It’s time to change this Bonded labour, otherwise known as debt bondage, debt slavery or peonage, is when workers are exploited and trapped in situations to repay debts. Bonded labour is when employers hold a debt over a person and forces them to work in order to pay if back, yet once they […]

Modern Slavery

Good on You!

[Sam McKenzie] Do good. Look Good. Feel good Do you remember the article I recently wrote about the 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide that was released by Baptist World Aid Australia? The 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide accompanied the 2019 Ethical Fashion Report to help you make you make every day, ethical purchasing decision when you shop […]

How To Make Noise Modern Slavery

A ‘Fair Go’ for Foreign Workers

[Gabby Sullivan] The labour shortages and exploitation we are seeing today need to be addressed by our new government The opportunity to make a better life for oneself in Australia is seized by many, often irrespective of their grasp on the culture, the English language, or most notably their rights as workers. The excitement felt […]

Forced Labour Modern Slavery

Random Noise

Ignorance: Who’s to Blame?

[Caitlyn Sharp] Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to my first official blog post. Now, as I attempt to write my first blog, please remember it takes time to make a masterpiece (it took my parents years and two failed attempts to create me. Sorry Brayden and Nick).  The aim of this blog is […]

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Sound Check: October 2017

[Brayden Sharp] Here’s a quick round up of what happened in the world of modern slavery over the past month: Painted Nails and Slavery? You read that right; people are raising awareness for slavery by painting their nails. The initiative is a product of Avon and Somerset police who have had a number of their […]

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The Right Kind of Feminism

[Martyna Żuchowska] In September’s sound check, Brayden wrote about the Alliance 8.7 report which he explained was established by the UN and the International Labour Organisation to eradicate modern slavery. The report revealed that out of the 40.3 million people trapped in modern slavery, a staggering number of 71 per cent are female. Feminism is a […]

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Cait and Brayds sit down to have a look back on all the things that happened with 30 Million to None in February, and also discuss some big 30 Mil news for the coming months. MAKE NOISE

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Behind the Noise: Tom Dunn Interviews Brayden Sharp

Our Founder, Brayden Sharp, recently sat down for a chat with Adventure Advocate, Tom Dunn. The two discussed 30 Million to None, Make Noise Nepal, and how everyday people can make a lasting difference in the world. TOM DUNN: How do you describe what you do with 30MTN to a stranger? BRAYDEN SHARP: 30 Million to […]

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The Missing Citizens of Russia

[Martyna Żuchowska] …defenceless humans are only treated as a means to make money for the recruiters and their lives essentially have a price tag on them. This week on 30 Million to None, we are acknowledging the efforts and bravery of two men in Russia who are freeing people from modern slavery. Zakir Ismailov and Alexey […]

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