What a Month in the United Kingdom

[Sam McKenzie] …the United Kingdom’s largest modern slavery ring has been broken If you’re an avid sports fan you’ll know that both Wimbledon and the Cricket World cup have recently wrapped up in emphatic fashion. Wimbledon saw the longest ever Men’s Final in its history and England held the cricket World Cup trophy aloft. Significant […]

Forced Labour Modern Slavery

What is Bonded Labour?

[Gabby Sullivan] It’s time to change this Bonded labour, otherwise known as debt bondage, debt slavery or peonage, is when workers are exploited and trapped in situations to repay debts. Bonded labour is when employers hold a debt over a person and forces them to work in order to pay if back, yet once they […]

Modern Slavery

Good on You!

[Sam McKenzie] Do good. Look Good. Feel good Do you remember the article I recently wrote about the 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide that was released by Baptist World Aid Australia? The 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide accompanied the 2019 Ethical Fashion Report to help you make you make every day, ethical purchasing decision when you shop […]

How To Make Noise Modern Slavery

A ‘Fair Go’ for Foreign Workers

[Gabby Sullivan] The labour shortages and exploitation we are seeing today need to be addressed by our new government The opportunity to make a better life for oneself in Australia is seized by many, often irrespective of their grasp on the culture, the English language, or most notably their rights as workers. The excitement felt […]

Forced Labour Modern Slavery

Random Noise

Join the 30Mil Team!

We need more hands on deck! 30 Million to None is searching for some dedicated volunteers to help us further our goal of raising awareness and educating people on modern slavery. We are looking for writers and event organisers for future projects. These roles would be perfect for university or college students looking to gain experience in their respective […]

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Clean Cars vs Dirty Mining

[Gabby Sullivan] What happens when the mission to combat an environmental crisis conceals a human rights crisis? I doubt cobalt is something you think about often or it may be completely unfamiliar to you, but if there is a time to start paying attention to it and where it is from – it’s now. Cobalt […]

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Orphanage Trafficking: Volunteering Gone Wrong

[Martyna Żuchowska] It is not uncommon for Australian High schools and even Universities, to organise school camps to third world countries like Cambodia, to do volunteering. The volunteering often occurs in orphanages where the pupils bring the orphans things like books and pencils, play with them during the day, teach them English and even build […]

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A Population of Slaves

[Martyna Żuchowska] Life in North Korea has been described as a slave society, by people who have actually managed to escape the country. North Korea has the most slaves in the world per capita and they make up 4.4% of their entire population. North Korean’s are stuck in an oppressed communist lifestyle which only benefits […]

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Alright, let’s have THAT talk

On Monday, Salman Abedi became one of the biggest cowards the world has ever seen. When he decided to blow himself up and kill 22 people, including children and parents waiting to collect children, he cemented his place in history as one of the weakest humans to have existed. Not as the martyr or hero […]

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Wed-locked: Unethical Marriages

[Gabby Sullivan] 21% of girls globally will be married before they turn 18 To many in the western world, marriage is regarded as a happy union between two people in love, yet this positive sentiment is not universal. To many young girls, marriage brings fears of lost freedom, education, violence and forced child bearing. The […]

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